Show Diary (Special offers available from Box Office Only - Not Online)

Date 2021 Time
Sat 23rd Lipstick on your collar 7.30pm
Sun 24th LCSD Presemts "At The Movies" 5.00pm
Fri 5th Gordon Hendricks is ELVIS 7.30pm
Sat 6th De Burnays Presents 'UNMUTED' 7.00pm
Fri 12th Showaddywaddy 7.30pm
Sat 13th ELO Expeience 7.30pm
Sat 20th Clarke School of Dance Persents "Once Upon a Time" 2.00pm, 7.00pm
Sun 21th Clarke School of Dance Presents "Once Upon a Time" 6.00pm
Fri 26th History of Queen - Magic 7.30pm
Sat 27th Jasper Carrott's Stand Up and Rock with Special Guest Andy Bennett 7.30pm
Sat 4th The RETRO Rock Show 7.30pm
Fri 10th That'll be The Day 7.30pm
Sun 12th NMTO Proudly presents Live From London 7.30pm
Sat 18th Performance Hub presents Over the Rainbow 7.00pm
Date 2022 Time
Thurs 6th Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs 6.30pm
Fri 7th Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs 6.30pm
Sat 8th Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs 2.00pm, 6.30pm
Sun 9th Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs 10.00am, 2.00pm
Fri 14th Vampires Rock Ghost Train 7.30pm
Sat 22nd LIZA PULMAN- The Heart Of It 7.30pm
Sat 29th LIONEL - The Music of Lionel Ritchie 7.30pm
Sat 19th The Upbeat Beatles 7.30pm
Fri 4th Music Masters 7.30pm
Fri 25th Bon Jovi Experience 7.30pm
Sat 2nd Marty Wilde & The Wildcats 7.30pm
Sun 10th TaleGate Theatre presents Rapunzel 2.00pm
Sat 14th 24KBruno 7.30pm
Sat 28th Walk Right Back 7.30pm
Sat 11th Masters of Motown 7.30pm
Sat 25th Simply ABBA 7.30pm
Sat 29th Illegal Eagles 7.30pm