The History of Queen Starring Magic

26th November 2021 7.30pm

Magic a kind of Queen

Hi everyone.

We thought we'd better explain what's been going on with Magic.

We've had a very difficult couple of years with the problems caused by covid and the lockdowns affecting theatres and entertainment venues. People have thought about their personal lives over this time and some decided they didn't want to tour anymore.

Due to illness we struggled on with a depleted squad for most of this time whenever we could. And I must say we did ourselves proud. Recruitment of new people has been almost impossible without being able to rehearse for a lot of the time with lockdowns and the distance we all live apart. Also musicians left the business in their droves getting other jobs as they just couldn't work.

Anyway, with the pressure of upcoming shows without a full band we've realised we have no option but to come off the road.

Will we return? Who knows? But for now we'd just like to thank you all from the bottom of our hearts for all the support you've given us over the years and especially those of you who've supported us through this difficult time.

Lots of love to you all, stay safe.

Dave F, Andy, Dave C , Col, Mark, Taylor and Robert.