Bon Jovi Experience

12th June 2020 7.30pm



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“The day Jon Bon Jovi changed my life!” Did that just really happen. Did we just perform with Jon Bon Jovi?

In 1994 a group of friends from Crewe, Nantwich and Dudley formed a small tribute band and called themselves By Jovi.

Starting in small pubs and working through various challenges such as band members changing and a name change to Bon Jovi Experience, they have inevitably all grown as musicians and people alike. They are still the best of friends yet had no idea all those years ago that they would become the number one Bon Jovi tribute band in the world, endorsed by Jon Bon Jovi himself: The Bon Jovi Experience.

“ From the very beginning in the early 80s I was sitting in a rock pub called The Bitter End, in Crewe with my now Keyboard player, listening to rock music, Bon Jovi quickly became my favourite. It was my dream even then to be like Jon though at that time there were no such things as tribute bands. Fast forward to 1994 I was asked to perform as frontman with By Jovi and as they say the rest is now history. ” says Tony Pearce who is still very much the face of the band. Tony continues: “ I started singing at the age of 6 when I was always being asked to be a member of the school choir, which as a boy I obviously hated, but in hindsight this was probably a good thing. I went on to have classical training from one of the best vocal teachers in the country who trained a number of famous singers in the West End. ”

In 2006 there was a highly significant event which highlighted the true talent behind The Bon Jovi Experience, to the world. It was at The Hard Rock Cafe in London, and Jon Bon Jovi had asked the band personally to appear at the official fan club event during his well deserved induction into the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame.

Jon asked Tony during the evening if he could join the band on stage to which Tony replied he would be honoured. Together they performed "Who Says Ya can't Go Home" to a sell out crowd. An honour which no other tribute band in the world has ever received to this day. “ It was a privilege and an honour to be asked to perform with such a legend as Jon Bon Jovi and my own personal idol. It still feels like yesterday. He was everything and more. A gentleman, friendly, inviting and a consummate Rock Star, he brought a lump to my throat. A LEGEND “ said Tony.

Jon had apparently known about the band for many years, even the name change. The Bon Jovi Experience had been chosen over and above every other Bon Jovi Tribute band in the world to appear that night. Tony continued: “Amazing doesn't really cover it. I sat in the dressing room after the show and pinched myself and asking "Did that just really happen. Did we just perform with Jon Bon Jovi? It further enhanced our profile being the ONLY tribute band to have done this and to be endorsed by my idol Jon Bon Jovi himself. This is the ultimate accolade for myself and the band and I feel privileged to be promoting the great music of the band BON JOVI both now and well into the future.".

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