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Sunday 15th September
    7.30pm                                                                 £20.00


    Swing Town – The UK’s biggest celebration of   artists such
    both Frank Sinatra and Michael Bublé’s incredible   as, Luck Be
    songbook in one entertainment packed evening!  a Lady (Guys
                                            & Dolls), Mack The Knife (Bobby Darin), Crazy Little
    Be part of the musical style that has bought together
    all generations over the last 80 years with sales of   Thing Called Love (Queen), My Way, Feeling Good, Fly Me
                                            To The Moon, Haven’t Met You Yet, Come Fly With Me,
    over 200 million albums by these two artists alone.
                                            Moondance (Van Morrison), leaving you with the most
    With their 12-piece line up, this Theatre Production   iconic song of all time New York New York!
    is bound to give you an unforgettable trip down
    memory lane through their homage to two of the   Come and celebrate the music of Frank Sinatra
                                            and Michael Bublé with an evening of stunning
    most iconic vocalists and personalities of all time.
                                            musicianship topped with live brass, duets, banter
    From songs both old and new, you will hear how two   and audience interaction.
    crooners filled their careers of 8 decades with swing
    hits, soundtracks and tributes to other chart-topping   A night you will be glad to be a part of!

   6       BOX OFFICE: 01777 706866   ONLINE:
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