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Friday 13th September
    7.30pm                                                                 £20.00


                        Renowned as the original and very   Gibb, with Darren’s son Jack joining
                        best Bee Gees Tribute Show, and   the group in 2014 and taking on the
                        THE ONLY Bee Gees Tribute Show   role of Robin Gibb. The guys are
       “The Soundalike
       quality is quite   that have actually performed with   supported musically by a four piece
        sensational”    the original Bee Gees! In 1997 Gary   band with Lead Guitar, Violin, Cello
        THE STAGE       & Darren from Jive Talkin performed   and Drums, to ensure that every note
                        LIVE on HEART FM with THE     in every song is just right!
                        BEE GEES and received great   For a truly amazing experience and
           “ABSOLUTELY  compliments from both Maurice and   an opportunity to hear all the great
                        Barry Gibb.
            BRILLIANT”                                Bee Gees hits; Tragedy, Night Fever,
           MAURICE GIBB  As with the original Bee Gees, Jive   Massachusetts, Stayin Alive, Jive Talkin,
                        Talkin is very much a family affair, with   etc, in a 2 hour explosion of music
                        brothers Gary and Darren Simmons   and vocal harmony, this is a night not
                        taking the roles of Barry and Maurice   to be missed!.

     BOX OFFICE: 01777 706866   ONLINE:                   5
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